How to extrude points based on proximity

Hi, I’m very new to this program but I’m trying to write a script to extrude points based on their proximity to each other. for example the closer they are they higher they are extruded.
Is this possible? and/or does anyone have a similar script I could tinker with to find a solution?


What is it ?!
If you Mean moving the points and create line , so you could use distance comp. (10.6 KB)

May have a look at this :

Instead of coloring the Points, use the values to move them and create a line between those Points.

Not at my pc atm. I will do an example for you tomorrow :slight_smile:

[quote=“Amir_Habibi, post:2, topic:61720”]
Mean moving the points and create line , so you could use distance comp.

Hi Amir, not necesserily creating a line but yes similar to this, moving points vertically by ratio to their priximity of each other? so the more dense an area of points, the higher the points are moved

sorry if its complex

I’ve combined the scripts and it half way there thank you all so much!
here is the new script (might be messy) and rhino file with a few points for reference,
Is there any way to reverse the extrusion, so closer they are the higher it gets, at the moment it seems to be inverse. ptProxy and point (18.0 KB)
proximity points.3dm (78.8 KB)

It isn‘t, don’t worry.

Can‘t look at the file atm. But I think you remapped your values. If it‘s like that, you can just change the target domain. Instead of 0 to 1 for example, use 1 to 0

You can use the proximity linkage data directly without using attractor…

ptProxy and point (9.9 KB)

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AWESOME thankyou so much!!!