Density map of Points in Grasshopper

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Hey I am new to GH and was wondering if there is any way of using a surface or mesh as a way to map the changing densities of the points shown in the photo below. The map is to show the density of pipes in a city but I cannot figure out a way to create a script that will accomplish this.



(Maxclifford27colway) #2

I would even settle for just changing the colour of the points in a gradient colour scheme to create a sense of fluctuating densities in certain areas

(Tim Stark) #3

upload file.

(Maxclifford27colway) #4

Here you go!

As I say I am a beginner on GH so the script might be completely wrong (18.9 KB)

(Tim Stark) #5

Dont have merkat. Can you just internalize the final points? :slight_smile:

(Maxclifford27colway) #6

How do I internalise the final points? hahah sorry I’m so new to this

(Tim Stark) #7

No problem. Right click on the “point container”, there’s an option: Internalize Data.

How to extrude points based on proximity
(Michael Pryor) #8

What about just using point groups. (7.3 KB)

(Michael Pryor) #9

Actually I think Proxy is more what you are after. (11.4 KB)

(Tim Stark) #10

3 fast approaches.



Dunno how you want it to look.
First one is just displaying the Points. The other two are meshes. (17.4 KB)

Edit: Cloud Display repaired.

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Hey sorry i have been asleep!

Here is the file with the internalized points! i didnt want to bother you with this so i tried to use your files however they havent seemed to have worked when i plug in the points!

POINTS (21.9 KB)

(Michael Pryor) #12

Works fine here. (35.7 KB)

(Tim Stark) #13

Flatten your points. Same for my script.

(higher res -> less fuzzy -> longer calc)

(Maxclifford27colway) #14

Thanks so much, this is exactly what i want! is there anyway to bake or export this as a line file or export file in which keeps the colours and points?

So i can put into illustrator or CAD