How to extrude a logo from png file

I have a company franchise documentation as PDF file. I can use every content inside it with importing pages in to Illustrator as they are vector drawings. There are quite a few single images which i need to use as 3d object later. I normally switch fill and contour so i just get the lines and use them as curves and extrude as solid. But some of are kind of complicated so i cant extrude them properly. I wondered if its possible to export them from illustrator as png files without backgrounds and in rhino maybe i could extrude them like extruding a surface cause even its pixel based it has boundaries. In that case of course multi-colored logos become on 3d as just mono colored but its fine cause most of them vector single color shapes. When i open a png logo in rhino it show up with a white background even it has any background normally. So is that possible or is there another way to manage it quick?

Thanks in advance!

Dear Bezemnod - to build surfaces in rhino you will need curves. Png is pixel-Data.
Depending on the resolution / precision you need at the end some workarrounds might do it.

I would Target Illustrator to clean up the curves:
In Illustrator:
in rough steps:
check the paint-bucket tool - draw a loose rectangle arround your art, fill all white areas with a helper-Color (e.g. green). Expand the paint-bucket-object, select all orange objects, delete them, release compound pathes …
hope that helps, best tom

Hi - you should be able to do the same in Rhino. Vector drawings in a pdf file will come in as curves.

This plugin could be an option.