Convert logo file for use in Rhino (for Mac)

I have only PDF and JPG versions of a logo (which is just stylized text). I’d like to be able to use the logo in Rhino, for 3d printing, etc. I could work with either curves representing the outline of the logo, or a surface, or a solid. What is the easiest way? Seems I have to pay the graphic designer for everything, so I want to know what to ask for. For example, if they give me an .ai version of the logo, could I import it and work with it? Or do I need an actual 3d-type format?

Hi @surfski,

I think most users would use the PictureFrame command to add the jpg to the scene. Then just use Rhino tools to trace over the top of the image.

– Dale

You have to ask for a vector version of the logo, this could be .ai, .PDF or even .EPS all can be opened directly in Rhino. All fonts should be converted in curves, but usually this is the case in vector versions of a logo.

Have you tried to open the .pdf in Rhino? You could be lucky and have a vector-pdf already. If so, the lines will show, but be sure to look at the top view, and do a ZoomExtent first. If nothing shows up, you have a raster-pdf, and you will have to get one of the options as Toby mentioned.


This works pretty good, depending on your resolution and needs.

You can get Curves from text out of various plugins as well.

For a Mac?

I’m not an apple guy, do they require special plugins? It appears to be a very clean (works in R5/R6) C# plugin.

I got the vector version of the logo, and was able to import it. Thanks for the assistance!