How to extract the rotation angles so that this wall can be built on site

Hi! I am able to achieve this concrete block wall. I just need help to extract the rotation angles of each block either vertical order or horizontal order so that it can be built on site. Can i extract the angles in an excel file? How? Please Help.:innocent: Thanks in advance!

concrete block 1.3dm (83.2 KB) (486.4 KB)

I didn’t download the 3dm, so I replaced the surface and blocks in the file. (you should just internalize them)
Since you already use Lunchbox, I used the write excel component.
I think this is what you need, no?
(of course you’ll have to change the file path to your own pc and file) (16.2 KB)

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Edit: Oops, Hit enter before typing anything!

That is pretty handy for creating a cut list. Awesome!

I’m sorry but I just noticed: the final value for the odd rows are missing…
I tried to find a way around it but so far I can’t
It could be a bug (maybe write excel can only handle same length lists?)
but most probably it’s something I’m missing… I am havign a look at it again…

Check this as well. tt-toolbox is required… (19.8 KB)


@anikolo @HS_Kim. Thank you guys for the help. Really appreciate it. And really sorry for such a late reply.

There is another option I’m trying to achieve. I am looking for a way to control the rotations of the block via attractor curves (two or more than two in the same panel. I’m not able to achieve that. Also is there a way to limit the impact of the attractor curves to a certain range (i.e to rotate certain blocks near to the curve and not the blocks in whole of the panel.)

Thanks in advance. :innocent:

Attaching the required files below:

BLOCKS.3dm (71.0 KB) (334.1 KB) (21.0 KB)

Just if you don‘t want to use a plugin for excel:

@tim.stark. That’s pretty cool. Trying it now. Will let you know how it works out. Thankyou! :innocent:

@HS_Kim Thank you for your help once again. I am working with grasshopper for past 1.5 years, still it feels like I am a noob here. I just want to know how are you able to solve all the questions that people post here. How to you always know the solution for every algorithm. How to think for a solution and where can I learn to solve problems so efficiently and help other members of the forum.

Also I’ll be trying few more things with script above. Will let you know if I am stuck anywhere. Thank you so much! Cheers!

Hi, Please help me sort this out.
There are 2 errors I am facing here.

  1. As you can see in the second image. I am not able to achieve the rotation angles “Row wise”. Currently all the angles are listed “column wise” but that too are not defined as C-1, C-2, …etc.

  2. As you can see the in the third image. The blocks are rotated towards the right, thus creating a pattern. I want those blocks to be rotated at the same angle but in the left direction. I tried to change the angle of rotation, but it doesn’t seem to be of much help.

Please help. Thanks in advance! :innocent: (21.7 KB) (26.3 KB)

This look nice, but are you sure of the stability of this wall ?
The angles and the attractors are based on a stability condition ?

Hi Kim, thanks for all the support you are giving on this forum. Appreciate it a lot. Thanks for helping me in resolving this script. Here’s a sneek peak of the facade. Will be sharing more images once done with the building.


Hi Ibra, yes a lot of research has been done and a lot of reinforcement has been added to make it earthquake proof. You can have a look at it yourself. Will share more information if needed.

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well played on that facade very interesting and to actually see it built.
Kudos to you in achieving so