Rotating bricks from image sampler?

I am fairly new to grasshopper and I have been working on a script that is mimicking the Cloaked in Bricks facade.

One of my attempts is below. It is rotating like I want it too, but I want I would like to have a more organic, fluid look like the Cloaked in bricks facade.

Does anyone know how I could use an image sampler to rotate these bricks in specific areas?

Hi keep searching the forum. I’ve seen this question before - it’s out there if you find the right keywords:)

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This might be of some help to you.

These all the parametric brick works i did through image sampling I’ll share you the definition image soon.


Thank you, this is helping me further along to figuring it out. Am I able to do this without using a surface? As you can see above in my script I made my bricks with the rectangular component, linear arrayed them, which made the wall and bricks in just one geometry.

Is there a way to turn this into a surface so I can reparameterize it and plug it back into the image sampler?

Find a very quick example attached, based on your definition.

Note: If you can upload your definition (or a portion of it), internalising any referenced data, it is much easier to help. You will also find that you will receive quicker responses. (148.4 KB)

Edit: It may be less heavy if you rotate the planes/rectangle curves first, then make the solid bricks after.

Hi, do you have the definition of this script?