Rotating Brick Wall


I’m trying to create a script for a rotating brick wall. I’m almost there, but I’m having a slight issue: the bricks are rotating from left to right and I need them to rotate from top to bottom. I attach some images to explain what I want to get, and the grasshopper file I have right now. Thank you very much for your help!

DYnamic Brick (373.7 KB)

Like this?

DYnamic Brick (371.9 KB)

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It’s similar to that, but I would like to get the interlocking pattern I get with the rotation from left to right, and I’m not able to get that pattern when the rotation happens from top to bottom. Do you know how can I get that pattern?

I tried two cases cause I’m not sure exactly what you want. (33.7 KB)


The wall you did on the right was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much, really appreciate it!

the reason you get those dents is because of the running bond of the bricks.
the wall on the right achieves that because the running bond is vertical. (a real wall cannot be built this way)
I guess we are talking about an art installation and not a real wall right?

Yes, definitely! It’s a breathable/porous pavilion concept I’m working on that can open and close, but the concept works by having the running bond in a vertical position rather than in an horizontal position. Thank you very much for your help!