CAD Drawing - Get Column Rotation Angle

Hi guys,

So I have a CAD drawing in which I have rectangular columns. Some of the columns are rotated and they are not blocks. So what I want to achieve is I want to get their rotation angle by extracting one of the longer edges of the columns. How can i achieve that?

Any other method to get rotation angle is welcomed. Sample file is attached.


Column and Axes.dwg (35.0 KB)

this might be one way, it measures the angle between side number 2 of each column with X vector

column (12.8 KB)

columns curves are internalized, but you can pipeline them back from the original dwg file by reinstating the link in the grouped components:

2 Likes (10.3 KB)


thanks @inno and @Joseph_Oster. I accepted Joseph’s as a solution eventhough inno’s solution also works in this case.