How to export grasshopper 2D-Geometry as PNG without transparency

I want to export grasshopper geometry without baking it.
I have colored my geometries with the “preview” tool.
In Rhino it looks good with 100 % satuation.
If I use de camera icon in Rhino to export an PNG with transparency, the grasshopper elements are nearly complete transparent. yellow for example is nearly not visiple at all.
But the preview in Rhino looks fine…

This is a bug that has been around for a long time. Unfortunately you’ll simply have to export without “transparent background” checked to get the correct colors.

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Is there no other work arround? I need the transparacy (but not in the definition) - otherwhise I have to crop every single image, and those are a lot #sad

I think if you bake the geometry with mesh colors you can export it with transparency and it will have the proper opacity.

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