How to export a Rhino 2D file that contains a viewport bitmap to dxf

I have made numerous drawing within Rhino that show various parts of a model dimensioned, called out, and labeled with leaders. Within that drawing to make more clear to the builder, I’ve included a background bitmap of the particular part or assembly. Upon exporting to *.DXF, the bitmap will not show when opened again in Rhino. How do I keep that bitmap when exporting to *.DXF?

Care to share?

Hi @Robb
Are you using the Picture command to insert the picture (which should work) or are you using ViewportProperties>Wallpaper (which is a “Rhino only” feature)? If you are using Picture, it might be a bitmap formatting/color depth/something else issue and uploading the bitmap and file (or a similar example) would help.
HTH, Jakob

here is a file. I’ve basically just finished the laminate portion of the weight and cost analysis for a new design an image of which I am posting here as well. The ides is that the call outs are somewhat cryptic in nature as to keep the file size reasonable they are but a few curves representing that which is a part of the entire model. The file I’ve included shows some structure that has been worked up from a spreadsheet I designed based on Dave Gerr’s “Elements of Boat Strength”, a book that allows yacht designers to work up boat scantling using a hand calculator. I transposed his equations into Excel to allow for a quick and easy calculation. Using Rhino I can call out the centroids and areas of various structural parts and enter them into the spreadsheet. As part of the process, I make simple drawings of each part and imbed in those drawings a bitmap background +.jpg of the particular part.

Exporting drops the bitmap; I am hoping to find a way to solve this conundrum… areas and centroids of deck geometry.3dm (5.3 MB)

I failed to mention all of this in V5

Thanks for getting back to me. First I’m working in V 5 and hope to upgrade to V 6 soon. I use the command “bitmap background” to inset a *.jpg. I’ve attached a print to *.jpg of a typical drawing so you can have an idea. Thanks again. Rob

Hello - exporting an image placed with Picture works - is that what you mean, or is this a BackgroundBitmap or viewport background?


Sorry @Robb - I don’t have V5 installed anymore. I’ll let @pascal help you out - I’m sure he still has :grin:

  • Jakob

Yes, it is a background bitmap. I’ll try the picture command. After all these years I’m finally doing something I should have done all along to help builders visualize exactly what the specific task at hand represents. I truly believe that a quick rendering of a particular part in it’s construction drawing can is genuinely helpful.

PictureFrame, in V5…


Picture frame works but when opening the *.dxf file, the background to the image is grey instead of white. I would not categorize that issue as a deal breaker or some other current negative slip of the brain, but none the less, the builder is very happy with drawings that I sent in dxf format.