How to Export A Logo?

Thanks, guys, with all the info you guys provided I realize what I was doing wrong. I was trying to export the model data as a .PNG etc, when I should have rendered it and then saved as such. And when I was running the viewcapturetofile command, I was overlooking the with no background button, so I kept getting the bg.
Now that I have it all sorted I understand, I can run viewcapture, and save it as is with no bg, or I can run the render command and tweak it some more if I want, then save it out.
So to recap, when I’m working on the model and I want to export the model-data out to another program eg, sketch up, it exports the data, so it can be manipulated.
When I want to work on something in a 2D program, eg, Affinity, I render or viewcapture, and save as .png etc.

For something so simple once I understand it, it’s been kicking my butt for 2 days. :slight_smile:
so again, all the help is much appreciated.

Note that the underscore will make it possible to run that command on non-English installations of Rhino.
To suppress a dialog box, use an hyphen in front of the command. The options will then be available on the command line.

Haha! Thanks Wim.
I spent yesterday morning saving over 200 files to a UNIX server and had underscores on the brain_____


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