How to engrave on a curved solid?

I have this half sphere that requires some “channels” carved/engraved into the surface of the solid for aesthetic detail. I have no idea where to go from there. For larger sections I was able to project and use boolean subtract, but it doesn’t work for this level of detail.


Curve on Curved Solid

Here’s a photo of the surface and what I am trying to accomplish.

to get the curves you can use commands like ExtractIsocurve toggle the direction if needed but also OffsetCrvOnSrf.

for the rest you can try if ApplyShutLining works, i never used it because its not yet in the mac version integrated so you are on your own there. but i guess its pretty simple, call the command select the object hit enter then the curve etc… alternatively you can also use Pipe and make a boolean difference.

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If possible you need to upload your file so we can have a look at what your up to.


This is great! Thank you! I was on a loft - subtract path…but this helps a lot!! I’ll update on Monday :slight_smile:

Hi Tamarah, you might mess with commands like OffsetCurveOnSurface, ExtractCurveOnSurface,OffsetSurface,ProjectCurve.
I hope you get more help . —Mark

If the object is only to be rendered, not manufactured, just unwrap UVs and make a displacement map for your renderer. If, then, the details need to be modified, it’s just a bit of painting. For more complex detailing, Mudbox and Zbrush are great tools to make displacement maps, for example.