Engraving into a Solid

I have a frequent need to engrave grooves into a solid. E.g., plating seams.

Is there any simple way to take (for simplicity) take a narrow rectangle, project that on to the surface of a solid, then create a groove of some small depth fitting that projected rectangle?

If the surface to project onto is planar, then do this:

  1. Select the curve (which is also planar)

  2. MakeHole

  3. Enter depth

  4. select “direction” of depth

hth, Uli

The surface is rarely planar. Imagine a ship hull.

If the surface to project onto is NOT planar, then do this:

  1. Select the curve
  2. Copy the curve
  3. Enter distance (depth)
  4. Loft both curves
  5. Cap the loft < error. Sorry
  6. boolean difference both volumes.

not really easy/short anymore. Sorry.

btw. if you repeat commands often, you can add a shortcut (a row of commands, including “PAUSE”, which makes RHINO wait to enter sth.)

hth, Uli

Thanks but I seem to be missing something.

Copy the curve to where?
Enter the distance when?

Split the surface using the projected curves then ExtrudeSrf: Solid on the portion you’d like to recess (or maybe OffsetSrf solid instead of extruding… depends)…
sub-object select the unwanted surface then delete.

Problem65.3dm (410.8 KB)

Here’s an example. I have projected a set of lines on to the surface of a solid. I would like to engrave this pattern (and more complicated) to some small thickness and depth.

Hi Jim,

This is sort of what @jeff_hammond Jeff indicated.

Split the original polysurface with the wires in question;
Offset the split polysurface strip, with solid option, to the req’d depth;
Boolean doesn’t seem work in this case so;
Explode original shape (in this case);
Extract and delete outer surfaces of the strip to form channel;
Rejoin all the surfaces;

If looking for other than rectangular groove, adjust to suit.

Use the same method for the other crossing grooves.

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