2D Shape Engraved on Model

Hello All,
I am a new Rhino user after attempting to complete this project in SketchUp and was directed to Rhino. The objective seemed quite simple, but I am still struggling! I believe I wrapped a 2D Spiral onto a model’s surface. (The model is not mine and was sent to me: its a really complex shape and the flow command was just picking up on pieces of the model (the first issue I had)…I think I resolved it by “draping” the model, and then using Flow Along Srf on the draped surface, than deleting that surface…not totally sure yet if this is a fix…Please let me know if you think otherwise). However, the ultimate goal was simply to engrave the spiral onto the model, and this is where I am stuck as the spiral is not being picked up by the Boolean commands. Does this issue have to do with how I wrapped the spiral? Thanks for any tips!

Hello - the spiral is a curve, from the look of it, not a surface, but I cannot tell - can you post the objects in a Rhno file? Please include the original 2d spiral curve.


Hello Pascal,

That might be possible… I am very new to CAD.

Hello - this looks like a bit of work - is a surface version of this model available somehow? From the curves in the dwg, it seems clear that there is a surface/solid model at some point - that is what these curves come from. If you have that, life will be 10x simpler, I’d say.


possibly project to surface from front view will help.


I attempted project to surface, but it did not recognize the figure

This is the only version we have. However, we have another model that could be used, but 1. It is a SketchUp model and 2. it just needs a slight modification of extending both sides (bolded rectangle). !So I imagine sticking with this model would be best.

Project selects the entire model as the surface to project to, rather than the section of the model I need, and simply does not project.

The DWG you sent didn’t have any surfaces in it, just the wireframe. The picture shows the model looks needlessly dense. If you really want to use FlowAlongSrf for this you could make a ‘dummy’ surface that approximates the area you want to wrap around as a single surface, and just make sure the result intersects it fully.

Is it best to reach out to the original makers then and see if they potentially have a surfaced version? They 3D printed I believe with this version, so I am not sure why they would send us something that was just a frame.

I think what you were working with was an actual model, from the sounds of it,just exporting DWG by default is wireframe only.

This is what the model looks like in Rhino? Would this still be a wireframe? ![33%20AM}

Well no, not if you were able to even attempt FlowAlongSrf on it.

I was not. I was only able to morph the spiral to the right by draping a section of the model, and flowing the spiral onto the drape.

Well, I don’t know … to do this right, you’ll need clean surfaces - the wireframe dwg you posted makes it clear that a surface model exists or existed at some point. If you cannot get hold of that, you can, with some care, recreate perhaps decent versions of the target surfaces using the wireframe curves as a starting point.


Okay! Thank you all for your help. I will look into this.