How to edit commands in the top tool bar

Hi guys,

I’m embarking on learning Rhino for Mac and I am following a tutorial based on the Windows version. I appreciate that the window layout on the Mac version can not resemble the Windows version exactly, but I would like to alter my layout to resemble the windows layout as much as possible and hopefully mirror the tools set-up the tutor is using as best as I can.

I have worked out how to edit the main docked toolbar to the left, but can I edit and add/remove tools from the top tool bar? (marked in red in the screenshot below).

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

I suppose that what I am trying to say is can I edit the tools that appear in the “Ribbon Bar”?

Richard, thank you!

If I only use the “Top Tool Palette” I lose the tabs at the top. I would like to keep those.

So it seems that the “Ribbon Bar” (with tabs) also has a standard set of tools below it which cannot be edited. It sure would seem a lot more sensible to not have any tools on the “Ribbon Bar” and just the tabs seeing as you can add whatever tools you want to the “Top Tool Palette”.

If I check both the “Top Tool Palette” and “Ribbon Bar” in the Themes panel I have two rows of tools at the top of the workspace. One I’m stuck with and cannot edit and another I can edit? Just seems a waste of space…

It just seems strange that you cannot edit the tools that accompany the “Ribbon Bar”. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help Richard! :slight_smile:

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