Where is the top toolbar?

I just downloaded Rhino5 for mac and the top toolbar is not there. How do I find it?

Hi Eva- Preferences > Themes > Show ribbon bar. New windows will reflect the change.

Does that do it?


Hi thanks it worked! When I open a new workspace it doesnt ask which dimentions I want to work in, do you know where I choose that?

Also the command line on top where you can type in commands doesn’t show…where I can find that?

Just type!


Just type …:


The Mac interface is somewhat different than the Windows interface. There isn’t a “command line” per se.

What you have is “command search”, which can be either free floating - just start typing and a little window will appear - or docked on the left hand sidebar. All the stuff for setting interface preferences can be found under Rhinoceros…Preferences.


Ok I will try that!

I tried this, but the “Show Ribbon Bar” and “Show Top Tool Palette” options are in gray and cannot be selected. Any suggestions? Build 14C109

Also had the same problem. Go to the same window, and at the top, it says “Rhino for Mac.” Change it to “Custom” and you can check the button for the “Show Ribbon Bar.” This will apply to new models that you create.

This was so late, but hopefully new people find this helpful : )