How to draw a line with a specific degree in Rhino

like the title says how can I draw a line with a specific degree in Rhino

Hi Tugba- do you mean degree as in Nurbs curve degree, or degree as angle? To draw a line at an angle, use the < symbol before entering the second point.

<30 for example.

You can also add a distance constraint to set the length:

<30 10

Use ChangeDegree to set the degree of a line or curve once created.


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I’m having some issues with this in use. What is the baseline degree if you are looking at a world plane? Is it to the right? When I try to rotate something and use the <67 command, it definitely does NOT rotate from my previous point, it rotates from some world defined degree preset. Does this make sense?

Hello - zero degrees is at “3 o’clock” and + is counter clockwise. But ff you are using the Rotate command, it rotates with the starting locations as zero.


Here’s a link to the section in the User’s Guide tutorials that covers this subject: