How to draw a curve around a torus

Hi guys,

I am trying to model something like this:

(a torus with a a pattern that twists around it)

How could I create the curve which wraps around the torus to make this pattern? I know if I create one of the curves I can copy/paste to make the rest because they would be pretty much the same curve at different places on the torus.

your suggestions and advice would be very much appreciated!


I would get the circle that is the center line of the torus, then use Helix>AroundCurve and use the torus minor diameter as the helix diameter and 1 turn (or some other integral number if you want more twist) as the number of turns. Pipe the result if you want thickness, then a polar array around the torus center…



Helvetosaur THANK YOU so much, that’s exactly what I was looking for :grinning:

Draw a rectangle with diagonal lines like this

Then use ApplyUVcrv or flow along surface to transform the curves to the torus, The curves will then have to be joined to make closed loops

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Another way, is to draw a simple straigth line , make a polar array ( number you want ) , twist those lines 360 , then flow along curve.


Thanks jim and Cyver, these are smart methods too!

pretty much what was suggested already just with actual tubes which you can also twist 360 and flow.
for rendering real tubes may be interesting. excuse the ugly electric wire colors :wink: