How to do Mesh in picture,Edit Mesh Density


  1. I’m going through the EXLAB tutorial series for Grasshopper and I came across this type of Mesh.
    How does one do this kind of Mesh?
    The closest I could come up with was exploding a Cone/Cylinder mesh, while retaining its base, but the mesh has no subdivisions along the radii.
    I’ve browsed the Mesh Tools and Mesh Creation tabs, and did several attempts to no avail.

  2. Is it possible to edit the density of a Mesh?

Hi Baker,
exploding of the mesh is not necessary, just project it to cplane.
Then try the Weaverbird-Plugin for Rhino (I’m using Rhino 5).

Refinement of the mesh is also possible with wb, try loop-subdivision.


Not sure if I’m doing it wrong but the mesh stayed the same. Works on the square mesh but not on the circular mesh.

First create a cone from Polygone Mesh Primitives with AroundFaces 20, VerticalFaces 10 e.g.,

then project to cplane (don’t explode) then wb…
works well here :slight_smile: