Mesh density

Hi, everybody. Short question. Where is the parameter that controls the density of the surface in render view. Rino options-Mesh-Density set to 1.And here’s what happened

Hello - are those objects far from the World origin? And, do they pass Check? The one on the right looks like RebuildEdges might possibly help, or DupBorder, Untrim, and then re-trim.


Thanks. Try it now.

Pascal,I made a mistake when I said it was surface. This is mesh

Mesh.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hello - it’s a surface but not a pretty one - the edge curve looks like this:

Is this made in Rhino? In any case, make it again with a half circle, a line and PlanarSrf.


It’s made in a rhinoceros. Yes, I think it would be better to redraw it faster. Thanks, Pascal.