How to do a 3d pinwheel?

Hi there,
i just having some problem to create a «Pinwheel» in 3D
(like in photo)—>
There’s any of you guys that can suggest me a good way to do it??

Check this topic:

thank you. but in the link you give me actually the work its already done… i try to pick some useful information but still i can’t make it in rhino… any other help

Hi Sandro,
I’m not sure whether this helps but I would do it like this:

WOW that’s amazing… i hope to don’t annoying you but i have some problem with the command flow, im using a Mac and he ask me when i do flow in this order: >select object to flow along a curve( in this case i select my triangle’s surface)> base curve - select near one end (i think i should select thhe bended perpendicular curve) >target curve-select near matching end(hier im a bit confues) >start point of line >end line ( this both i start a line like your blu one)

Sorry I forgot to mention it, the base line is the surface edge line you need to create using for example DupEdge command, or click on the “line” command option when prompted to select a base curve and select the ends of that edge. You can also take a look in the Help topic>Flow.<img

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cheers is working! thanks a lot!