Trouble bending a surface accurately while keeping the same shape/geometry

So I’m trying to make an accurate model of a toy windmill so I can make a real one 10x bigger. I’ve included an image grab of the surface i need to bend which is taken from the real toy. Also another image of what I’ve come up with which isn’t accurate as I used a blend surface to create the curve.

Can any one help? I’m a bit rusty so hopefully its an easy answer!



I don’t understand your use of the command name “Bend” here. This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Bend.

There is a problem with UnrollSrf with some trimmed surfaces currently.
The work-around is to untrim the surface, keeping the curves, then Unroll the surface AND the curves together, then retrim the flat surface with the unrolled curves.

Yes it does make sense. Start by rotating your surface so the holes are horizontal on the screen. Next draw a polyline between centres, now apply the bend command using the polyline as your spine and input 180 for the bend angle. Worked fine here. Assuming you do mean BEND that is.

perfect!! Thanks so much Bill.

I’d like to be able to control the distance between the ‘centers’ but maybe i need to construct it in a different way but this is perfect for the model.