How to display select objects half transparent?

In order to easily visualize assemblies of several objects to customers I usually have certain items displayed half transparent.

Is there a way within the normal viewport to select certain items and apply a transparent display mode to these items only?

I have assigned keystrokes to quickly switch between wireframe, flat shaded and “ghosted” viewport view.
It would be absolutely fantastic to have these commands not apply globally to all objects in the selected viewport but have a command that will apply these to selected objects only.

I also see that there is a setting in the lower right panel for display mode for global settings (including transparency) - can these be set and individually assigned to objects like display color?

Is this possible?

You can use SetObjectDisplayMode to set an object to ghosted (or other mode) in a specific viewport (no matter what the viewport display mode is). SetObjectDisplayMode is per-viewport however, so you need to do this for all viewports if you want it to show up that way everywhere.

Below are two scripts to set selected objects display mode for all viewports automatically. (the second one removes the display mode and returns the object to normal in all viewports)

–Mitch (1.2 KB) (775 Bytes)

Thank you @Helvetosaur , those will come in handy.

Thanks Mitch, these are very welcome.

Thanks Mitch, that is just what I was looking for!
I won’t be using the scripts though as the behavior of the SetObjectDisplayMode command covers exactly what I prefer in those situations (just temporary see through an object in an assembly and after a screen shot removing this view again) but I am sure others will have good use for them.
Thanks for sharing!