Can layer colors have transparency/

It would be useful to have some objects in a ghosted like mode while modeling other parts in wire or even shaded. Is it possible to make objects on a layer translucent?

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I think ShadeSelected is the closest you can get to this.

you can also set up a custom display mode that is similar to shaded view but uses rendered materials - this will allow you to set some layers as transparent and others as opaque.

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Try what @andheum said, plus

Or apply a transparent material to the layer and use ‘SetObjectDisplayMode’ to render for the objects on that layer…

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I’m not seeing a way to do this in the Mac vesion.

The viewport display mode needs to be Rendered to see the materials- is that what you have set?


I figured out the transparency would take effect if I rendered. But What I want to do is have a layer that I can place objects on that will display them in ghosted mode whle other layers I’m working with display objects in shaded.

James, this command does exactly what you want… assuming Mac has it?

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Oh, now I got it. I thought the command was applied to a layer. Thanks.