How to display objects as transparent in shaded mode?

Hi there,

I’m wondering, when working in shaded mode, is it possible to display a specific object as transparent?

I’m aware of Ghosted mode, but I’d prefer to choose only certain objects to display transparent, like windows on a building for example.

I’ve learned that you can set locked objects to appear transparent, which works ok, but if I try to isolate a different object the locked objects remain visible. I would prefer if there was an object property, (or layer property) which I could use to set an objects transparency. Can this be done?



Hi @joelmcdavitt, you can either assign a transparent object color to your window objects or put all window objects on a layer and give the layer a color with transparency.



Oh my gosh… Cannot believe I never noticed the transparency adjustment bar under the color wheel… I’ve wondered about this for so long… Thank you so much!!!

Have you tried _SetObjectDisplayMode?