How to delete Duplicate curves?

Hi all im having trouble deleting duplicate curves that appear on a complex 3d model, ive tried SelDup but doesnt get all of the curves.#

Any help? i did also try run a rhinoscript i found by Chris Tietjen but also was unsuccessfull as it still leaves alot of curves?

Im hoping to pipe with t-splines but the additional curves are proving problematic any help?

Thanks in advance


SelDup is about as good as it gets for automatic tools. The command was created because so many DWG/DXF files have extraneous perfect duplicates. If a curve has it’s direction reversed or anything else so it isn’t a perfect duplicate, then SelDup won’t find it.

Thanks John, would a rhinoscript do the trick if so are there any sample scripts that perform this function?

Sorry, scripting is beyond my pay grade.
I have no idea how you would go about comparing similar curves within some control parameters.

HI John

So i used Grasshopper plugin Kangaroo and used the removeDuplicateLines tool and specified a tolerance worked great and very easy.




Hi Joe I am new to grasshopper could you be a bit more specific on how to delete duplicate curves on a rhino model? Much appreciated!

Hello - probably best to post a new question on the GH forum here: