Unable to Split a Valid Delaunay Mesh Despite All Attempts

Hi all,

I would be really grateful if you could advise me on how to split this delaunay mesh which I made in grasshopper. Rhino5 Delaunay Mesh to Split I tried MeshTrim, MeshSplit (in rhino and ghp), Meshbooleanintersection but all failed. I even tried convert it into NURBS but it didn’t work out. I check in Details that it is a valid open mesh. It would be really helpful if you know how to work it out. Thank you very much.

The closed curve on top is my cropping boundary.

well you are very far from origin and it can be one reason to fail the attempts
if you copy it to the origin it split without problems.

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Wow thank you so much Diego!!! I will try it now!!! It saves me so much trouble.

It is far from origin because this landform has its own coordinates. But I will split and move it back.

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yes I know it has it’s own coordinates but the distance from world origin in Rhino is a very common problem in this forum, apparently.
Something doesn’t work?
move it to the origin,
update the drivers,
get the lastest SR
or wait until @Pascal shows up with a script or something.


Wow it worked out!! Thank you so much :smile:

I see, understood. If normal procedures don’t work out next time, I will do it as you said. Thank you for your helpful tips!! Haha yes I hope a great script can solve this problem!!!