How do you trim or split a delaunay mesh

I’m trying to make a topography for an island beyond a series of stepped contours.

Using a “patch” command created warped results and a “mesh patch” just froze.
I used the vertices from the contour polylines to create a “delaunay mesh” which created the results I desired. I’m also happy that I can modify the mesh as the project develops. The problem is the resulting mesh extends beyond the circumference of the island.

I don’t know how to modify this to only created a mesh within the boundary of the island or to trim/split+delete the excess I do not want.
I tried “meshbooleansplit” using an extrusion of the islands perimeter, but it removed the inside of the island and retained the outside where ocean is.
I also did a ‘meshtonurb’ which allowed me to split and delete / trim the excess, but now I’ve lost the ability to further manipulate the surface as far as I know.

can someone help me with how to do this. I am a novice. (828.1 KB)

the mesh surface

the island outline

the results of meshbooleansplit rhino command

You can filter the mesh faces which are inside the perimeter. You seem to have that perimeter but unfortunately I don’t see it in your Grasshopper file. (879.5 KB)

is that better? apologies I’m new…

Here’s another way.

GH (883.2 KB)


That’s exactly wwhat I was suggesting :slight_smile:

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