How to customize mouse logitech M570

I have Rhino 4 and customize mouse M570. It has 2 extra buttons on the front which works for delete and f4. I purchased Rhino 5 and it does not work on this upgrade - it still works for the computer, but not for Rhino 5.

Would greatly appreciate assistance, it is a big inconvenience right now!

Rhino has no exposed U/I for configuring other buttons. If Logitech has some tool for passing application specific command macros, that might work but I have doubts.

We are using the M570 on all our systems.

It works here, did you customize it for the Rhino 5 application? It has to be pointed to the right program in order to work.


Thank you for your response! Can you tell me how to make sure it is pointed/customized to Rhino 5?

I would like to know the same thing!

Have you tried Uberoptions?

I use it with a much older mouse (LH MX610, because I’m a leftie and the world treats us like lepers these days) and it works very well. I found a comment on a Dutch site suggesting that it works with the M570.

Thank yoiu for the suggestion. I just went to look at the Uberoptions. I did not mention that I am using a MAC. I am getting conflicting answers on if it is windows only, but that aside, it looks complicated and like I need to understand code. I already loaded the Logitech Control Center but cannot figure out how to change the mouse configuration specifically for Rhino and in Rhino preferences where you are supposed to be able to change the mouse buttons none of my extra mouse buttons lights up any of the entry boxes when I push them.

Uberoptions is very simple to use. All it does is ‘unlock’ the UI to enable functions on Logitech mice and keyboards that are normally not available. It’s mostly xml based, but you don’t need to have any knowledge of it.

Can’t help with Mac-related advice I’m afraid. I’d a) try downloading uberoptions to see if it works and b) contacting the program author to see if he can offer advice. He added my mouse to the list of supported devices (for which I made a small donation) and was very helpful in sorting problems out.

The Logitech control center is a pain, you can’t customize the left, right or middle buttons for Rhino for Windows either. The only ones you can customize specifically for Rhino (in Windows) are the forward and back buttons, plus the scroll wheel. On top of that, in Windows it hangs, leaving me with no MMB functionality in Rhino until I restart it.

That being said, I think there is a way to do what you want, but I need to get out my Mac (haven’t used it in awhile), get the latest Rhino version and test first…


Reply, thank you so much Mitch. Your reply is a huge timesaver, as I will stop being frustrated with the Logitech CC and spend my efforts elsewhere. Perhaps will try the “SteerMouse” application I found. Just did not want to add more software onto my MAC when it seems like an expensive mouse such as mine should have these type of capabilities through the Logitech software. Oh well. But what about mouse customization in RHINO for MAC itself? So far the Rhino Preferences and then the mouse settings area is not working for me at all and does not recognize any of my extra mouse buttons (as mentioned in some other posts). Its always hard to know what is my lack of knowledge vs. what is still missing or is a current glitch in Rhino for MAC so I thought I would pose the question.

Within Rhino, (Windows and Mac), you can only customize the middle button and to a slight extent the right button. Any other buttons are not customizable from inside Rhino. They are customizable from inside the Logitech control panel, but the range of possibilities offered for those buttons does not allow you to do anything useful inside Rhino…

So, you can popup the osnaps in Mac Rhino by going into Preferences>Mouse and asking it to popup the Osnap tool palette with the MMB. Unfortunately, this is far less useful on MacRhino than in Windows Rhino, as in MacRhino it’s a list of all the available osnaps in a menu style, which is actually taller than the screen. Not very easy to use. In Windows you have toolbar buttons, fewer and easier to hit.


Thank you so very much Mitch for that clear and thorough explanation! I may try the software (Steermouse) I mentioned earlier and see where that gets me, otherwise consider figuring out another way to work in Rhino with only use of the typical 3 buttons of a basic mouse and hope the Rhino Gods are watching.