Cutomizing rhino interface, how?

hi guys,

after a long search i decided to try and then buy rhino for my personal use (freelancer architect&designer)…
but before i`ll buy i need to now something important for me:

in order to navigate/work better and faster i need:

-maximize viewport on middle mouse button (and it will be great, in general, to exist the possiblity to real customize the mouse buttons aswell)

-the posibility to assign commands to normal keys (for ex. for “line” command i would like to have the possibility to assign L letter form the keyboards, and then using right click as enter it will be more fast to draw a line…also others commands i need on keyboards (simple not along with ctr+“key”, or shift+“key”, if you like as in autocad or bricscad)

i thing only this i need in order to be a great software for me (for the moment = 2016 = mouse&keyboard)

if it doesnt exist this options (me i was googleing but i didnt find nothing usefull about), do you know how much it will cost to order an modification of the software (as an plugin if it`s possible or as a script or whatever)

sincerlly i`m not very convinced to buy without this options for customization

best regards


Why don’t you just use the trial and see for yourself?

Anyway everything You mentioned is possible in Rhino.
If the built in function of assigning aliases (that means commands) to keys is not sufficient, than you can use a 3rd party keymapper software in combination with Rhino aliases, command line and macros and the sky is the limit.

Cheers, Norbert

Rhino Options > Mouse > Middle mouse button - set this option to Run this macro and put in _MaxViewPort to achieve this.

Rhino Options > Aliases. Make new one-letter shortcuts to your commands. As you write, you will need to Enter the command - this can be done with the RMB as you indicate but you could also use the Space bar which might be faster if you have a hand hovering over the keyboard anyway.

thank you
i already have the trial version on my pc,
meanwhile i manage to assign maxviewport to middle mouse button but i still don`t know how to assign commands to letters
for ex. line command to L letter
can you help me please?
thank you

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problem solved
thank you very much !

Instead of mouse buttons, I use and recommend keyboard shortcuts. These following are already built-in, but you can customize them easily.

CTRL+F1: maximize top view
CTRL+F2: maximize front view
CTRL+F3: maximize right view
CTRL+F4: maximize perspective view
CTRL+TAB: cycle through maximized viewports
CTRL+M: toggle between maximize one view / all four views

I also like to use the two zooms shortcuts.

CTRL+SHIFT+E: Zoom extents
Zoom selected doesn’t have a shortcut, but I always make one