Need help to customize mouse logitech M570


I have Rhino 4 and customize mouse M570. It has 2 extra buttons on the front which works for delete and f4. I purchased Rhino 5 and it does not work on this upgrade - it still works for the computer, but not for Rhino 5. Would greatly appreciate assistance, it is a big inconvenience right now!


Well it most likely has nothing to do with Rhino…is there a custom profile set up for Rhino?


Hello - no custom settings that I am aware of for Rhino 5 & is working for all other programs, including Rhino 4. Where would I 2x check to ensure there are no custom settings under Rhino 5?


you will need to install the SetPoint software to customize the controls on your device; .


I have reinstalled a few times and the even changed out the mouse. The mouse is paired with the computer and is working under all other programs, including Rhino 4, Microsoft etc.


Are you launching the SetPoint software?

See Advanced settings for specific applications


I have the same & it works fine for Rhino 5.

I use the front (index finger) button for middle click - I find it much easier to draw without trying to click the scroll wheel.

Also rollo I use 1.5 packs of blue tack to create a 45 degree mound, so that the trackball is up high. Much easier on the wrist and fingers - very ergonomic - I have no idea why Logitech didn’t create it that way to begin with.

All I can offer to help solve the problem is to try different settings in Setpoint. I don’t use custom profiles.Game Detection off. Setpoint Speed & Acceleration. Make sure battery over 50%. Etc.