How to cull geometry inside a box in order to group them

I’m trying to make groups out of clusters of geometry that make up the components of a diagram chart. I’ve been trying to make a chain that creates groups out of geometry gathered from inside boxes, and I can make boxes quickly because the center of each cluster has a point. My issue is I can’t figure out how to cull the geometry within the boxes, and then plug the result into group.
2021.01.26 - Cull group 2, (387.4 KB) 2021.01.26 - Cull group, r5.3dm (2.6 MB)

I think you’re looking for shape in brep, it’ll output true/false, which you can input into cull

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I don’t see any groups or “clusters of geometry” in your data trees, just one long list of points, planes or boxes. What determines a group?

Where are those points? Here is a way to group the first set of boxes into branches (white group).

Cull (116.0 KB)

Thank you this looks beautiful, but not what I’m after. Sorry if the gh file and screenshot I uploaded are confusing. There are surfaces and curves inside each box: they are the ones I want grouped together. Each cluster of these surfaces and curves makes a prism, and I want individual prisms not the boxes surrounding them. I hope these new attachments clarify.

2021.01.26 - Cull group 2, (387.4 KB)

Yeah, that wasn’t clear at all. If my previous effort wasn’t useful (really?) then I probably can’t help