Having Problem Culling a group of geometries from a slat Panel

So I have a created a series of slats. I created a shelf condition and I want the slats that are in this area. I first created a box and isolate those peices with an intersect boolean and then add those pieces wth the overall. I was able to see that these items have been repeated as 2 elements in a branch. However I cannot remove those branches. I hope this isn’t confusing, I’m trying to find ways of removing items from the shelf condition. Hopefully this makes sense.

041324 - Cull Item.gh (87.8 KB)


an easier way to do that, if I have understood your question correctly, is to filter items based on their Volume Centroid

because items to be culled are fully contained by the box you have drawn, then for sure also the Volume Centroid of the items to be culled are fully contained by that same box

you will find the geometries outside of the box in Dispatch → B output, and the ones inside the box in A output

041324 - Cull Item_Re.gh (94.3 KB)

Thanks so much Inno!