How to create this organic pattern?

Hello community! I am trying to understand L-system branching/differential growth patterns from what’s been posted here by @laurent_delrieu / @NikWillmore, and do understand that I have ways to go still. I am looking for guidance in creating a similar pattern to the attached images.

The organic pattern looks to be a fusion of 2 dynamic patterns using Shortest Walk.


  • A distorted L-system that branches itself, but curving whilst doing so. The radius of the curve varying between section 1 and section 3.


  • As shown in section 2, the meeting of branches starts to join and create either a venation or differential growth.

I have attached, @laurent_delrieu 's file that I used as a starter: (49.3 KB)

doing what you want is not an easy task. You’ll to try, retry, change the logic, the tools. Copycatting nature is hard. I failed lot of time.
Have you looked at that

There is also some venation in Parakeet