2D Thunderbolt-- ShortestWalk

Hi guys,

I’m trying to recreate a 2D Thunderbolt (like a picture attached) and I’ve started with the script that @laurent_delrieu made on this post:

but when I modify the script to get the 2D thunderbolt I don’t get a properly result.

Does anyone an idea how to modify my script to get a similar result like the image?

Many thanks in advace for your help.

2D Thunderbolt.gh (31.7 KB)

Here is a way. The main parameter is the number of points per group, 11 is too much

2D Thunderbolt LD.gh (25.0 KB)

A version a bit more simplier
2D Thunderbolt LD v2.gh (28.8 KB)


Hi @laurent_delrieu!! Thanks a lot for your help. This is exactly what I expected… You always do the scripts easy and clean.

Thanks again!!