How to create these awesome texture?

Hi, how to create this craked paint texture ?
I that a simple blending of 2 texture ?
how to design cracked map ? with grasshoper ?
im am stunned by the realism

By the way, if you have tips for a realistic glass like this, i will be grateful

I have that

Idea could be reused
Clustering to make a piece of paint
Moving points depending on a distance from edge or center to bend the piece of paint

Thanks Laurent
Do you think it is possible to make it with a blinding of maps only ?

i dont know grasshoper if you have a good tuto in french is will be great !! thanks

Everything is possible but as it is surely some texture because it is easy to see the square size.
So the simpliest way is to find the textures.
Search with words like
peeling texture seamless crack …

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If you use the Substance plugin for V7 then you can use Substance materials in Rhino. For instance:


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how they could do the invisible fitting (raccord) of all the texture square ? is is a addition of square texture in photoshop ? or theire sofware make the connexion perfectly?
me when my texture map is to small for my surface, i need to mutiplicate it by 2 ou 3 , 5 but i see the connexion between each sample of texture. how can i delete it ??

Hi @emile_francois
Making textures seamless or tileable can be done in Photoshop (or similar). Some textures are easy, some are hard. There’s a ton of tutorials online - google “make seamless texture” or “make tileable texture”. Also, there are a LOT of free textures (and complete PBR materials) to be found online, many (most?) of them seamless. A few websites to look at could be
Texture Haven
ambientCG - Free Public Domain PBR Materials
TextureCan - Free High Quality PBR CG Textures for 3D Artists
HTH, Jakob

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