Create a solid from a non planar curve?

Hello there,
I want to create a solid from this non-planar curve. It needs to have a 1cm thickness.

Usually in this situation, I would project planar curves on the intended surface, use the trim function to create a surface from the projected curves then use the loft function. However with this object I have edited the curves so they no longer match the base object so cannot use this method. Is there an easy way to create a solid from non planar curves.

I basically want it to look like this, but as a solid.


Ho @baekat
You have to give Rhino some sort of info on what you expect the surface to look like. The surface - defined from just the outline - could look in a million different ways. You can use Patch to let Rhino decide, but with the dip at the front, Iā€™m guessing that will not look like you want it to. Maybe split the outline at the front and back and loft the two curves? Or trace the outline seen from the side, extrude a new surface and split that with the original curve? Or add cross sections, and try Patch again? Ah, just noticed the rise/kink in the middle of the surface. I think the best solution would be to model the surface a bit too large and then split with the curve. Post your curves, if you need more input.
HTH, Jakob

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