How to create same subd object as 3dsmax?

Is it possible to get basic object in subd with sharp edge directly like in 3dsmax when i create box

I rhino i have like round edge that can get sharp by tightening the edges

Could i draw object with crease edge everytime to have an object without fillet like in 3dsmax ??
at the export is it the same ?

Hi Emile -

I’m not sure if I’m understanding the request correctly, but, no, I don’t believe we have plans to add a primitive SubD box that has all edges creased.

You don’t need to insert and/or tighten edges - you can use the Crease command.


Hi @emile_francois
To add to what @wim wrote, you can just hit the Tab (or use the command SubDDisplayToggle) key to go into “flat mode”, viewing the non-smoothed version of your sub-d. When it’s time to export, you can use ExtractControlPolygon to get the “boxy” version as a mesh.

HTH, Jakob