How to create multiple building pads using grasshopper

Site_at_1-1000 HELP FILE.3dm (12.1 MB) Hello,
I am fairly new to grasshopper and have a problem. I am trying to create multiple building pads for a large amount of buildings (over 1000) in a mesh topography I have created. As of right now, the buildings which I want to create pads for are presented as surfaces.

I am trying to create the pads in such a way that, for each surface, one of the surface points is tangent to the mesh and all others are below the mesh. In other words, the pad is never raised out of the topography and instead, cut into it (as little as possible).

Another layer of complexity is that each surface contains an unknown number of vertices, so I cant create sets of every N points where N is constant.

What I am trying to do is similar to Building pad on mesh except with many pads to be created. Unfortunately, I do not know how to reproduce this for the greater scale I need. Attached is the file I am working with (ignore all layers except for those labeled “Building Pads” and “Topography”)

Thank you for your help!