Flatten Topography


I Need flatten Terrain surface. Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb0TqnuBVhs

I could not find the solution

Foro.3dm (579.7 KB)


Hello - see if this helps -

Foro_Maybe.3dm (374.2 KB)

Or this, maybe?
Foro_Maybe_2.3dm (307.3 KB)


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Great to the second solution, but the surface should be horizontal


Here is a grasshopper solution of a similar condition

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  1. Turn on control points for the surface
  2. Using the outline (dup border) of the surface, with SelBoundary, select all the control points within the boundary. You may need to enlarge the boundary a bit to get adjacent points.
  3. As an alternative you can use lasso to select the points in the area you want.
  4. Use SetPt in the Z direction to set all the surface control points to the desired Z level.

Just one other detail - I used a few doses of Smooth in X&Y on the selected points before flattening to get them into a more regularly ordered grid.

SelConnected if you want to increase the point selection outward.



Thank you all