How to create mesh relaxation and join meshes together in certain points

I want to join meshes between in certain points literally like the following image, but i havent had the result i wanted, i shared an example.

First i´ve created the a rectangle surface then with solid difference to cut off a circles inside (which are the ones i want to move on the surface and also move in Z direction so i can controll where i want to join with the next mesh on top or below).

i attached the GHA file and also de example image.

Mesh (13.6 KB)

Looks like fun.
Cutting a surface and meshing it like that will result in very different triangle sizes, which won’t work so well for the relaxation.
Instead I’d suggest taking a regular grid, then using proximity to some circles to choose vertices, then pull them together between the layers like this. I’ve also included a ‘RigidPointSet’ component to keep the ring in a circular shape while letting it move around (20.0 KB)


Wow this is awesome, now i just need to make the circles to move independet in all axis so in one mesh i can move up and down in Z axis the circles to create the form i wanted,

Thanks very much for your help.