How to create fillet edge with radius

I’m trying to make a piece but being a beginner it seems impossible to me to make the fillet edge (concave and convex)
You can see my realization and the plans here
Thank you for your help

Plan.pdf (93.8 KB) Gland (56.4 KB)


I disabled preview on MANY components to better see the edges with ‘Tree/List Viewer’.

Gland (29.4 KB)

Very good very good thank you very much

I come back to this post because I have the same problem again despite having used your technique, some edges make me an error

I try to chamfer the edges of this piece. The desired edges are already listed in the function “egde thread” but the function rejects themPiece (12.4 KB)

You are using FilEdge (Fillet Edge) four times in quick succession, none are closed breps, with internal (invisible) lists of edges. I don’t know if your edge lists always make sense?

I use “fillet edge” 4 times in a row because some edges are chamfers others are rounded and I would like chamfers on the inside edges here is an overview of the end piece

The list of edge indexes may change in each operation. It must refer only to the actual edges seen by each component, not the list as it was before any changes are made. Some of the edges appear to be “naked edges” without an adjacent surface to create a proper fillet. (it’s not a “solid”)

Is there a function to fix this because I used a solidUnion and Boundaries but no results

The issue is also explained in this part of the webinar.

You might also try different modeling techniques and the whole webinar series or tutorial below can give you some ideas how to create efficient parametric models for online applications.