Fillet Edge Component Grasshopper

Hello everyone,

I come with one new issue/question.

I’ve been experimenting with complex shapes and fillet edge component and it turnes difficult sometimes to get it to work properly.

I’ve attached a GH def. Simple but it has problems

Fillet test file (20.8 KB)

CASE 1: This is a simple cube (center Box) where all edges are selected to be filleted and it works by using SERIES component, instead of a text with items one by one. But it doesn’t work in all cases, I guess I got lucky. Sometimes I use the SERIES and not all edges get selected, even if the number of edges is correct.
The other is the (Platonic Cube) from Lunchbox. As you can see even if the Truncation is in 0, not all edges are filleted. Very strange since it has the same amount of edges as the other box/cube.
Then when truncation it more than 0, the fillet function does not do it to all edges. And as you can see, the number or edges is correct and the SERIES number is also correct.

This happens a lot with other objects that I’ve been working on.

CASE 2: This is a pyramid where all edges work fine to fillet but if you can see, the end result is an open surface, not a solid. At the top is not closing. When I bake this to Rhino, fillet works fine, but not in grasshopper. Comments?

Is this something that McNeal team is working to improve? In both Rhino and Grasshopper?
Any insights from other users that have the same issues and have found a solution that works always?

Fillet and Chamfer is something that I use constantly and not been able to make it work is frustrating.


about the platonic solid, adding a Deconstruct Brep then a Brep Join helps a lot:

Fillet test file (27.1 KB)

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Very Nice, can’t wait to try with real work.
I did try with Platonic Icosahedron and it works, now there is the vertices issue with Chamfer option (image attached)

Fillet and Rollingball work fine, not the other two options

Would be nice to hear from McNeal team?

Thanks again.

I switch to Rallingball and the pyeamid case was fixed. I guess we have to try different options until it works.

I wasn’t sure if this would work, but it seems to:

Fillet test file (41.8 KB)


Thanks BB1, this is the best solution so far. I just made a quick geometry and apply this “formula” and it works great. I tried the SERIES formula I used in other objects and it did not work.

I’m glad this method works for you. I first learned about it some time ago from a posting here in this forum. The key to it seems to be the ability of the EdgesCvx component to identify the Brep’s surfaces itself. My guess is there’s code in there that arranges the surfaces in the order needed to create the fillets successfully. Here’s one of my favorite uses:


The 3 feet at the bottom are actually simple circular cones, but the fillets make them look like something else.