I would like to know how the fillet edge (of a solid) component works

In the latest version of Grasshopper (at least), there is a component for filleting edges of a solid. I haven’t been able to get it to work, so I was hoping one of you could show an explain its function.

2018.05.15_mcneel_forum_re.gh (3.2 KB)

2018.05.15_mcneel_forum_reV1.gh (5.2 KB)

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The trick is you have to provide a list of integers that identify specific edges. You can generate these integers either by hand (as @HS_Kim did) or you can use one of the many edge-index-components that sit next to the fillet edge component to create these integers. The various components all provide different way to ‘select’ certain edges.


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Per usual, you have gone above and beyond my expectations. I was struggling finding the correct format for plugging in the edges.

Thank you!

These components are found only in Rhino 6 ?
“Convex edges” and “Fillet edge”

Yes, they are…

Thank you!

If I don’t want to fillet all the convex edge, how can I pick some of them?

Pick the edges you want and manually create a list in a text panel (with ‘Multiline Data’ enabled):

fillet_edges_2020Sep15a.gh (19.6 KB)

All edges may not work but it’s often quite effective. You can specify a separate radius for each edge.

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