How to create diagonal, block pyramid form?

Hey there! I’m currently trying to create a 3D representation of the Centraal Beheer Office Building within Grasshopper. As of right now, I have a 2D representation of the building created by attractors. Right now I’m a little unsure how to create a 3D representation of it where it captures the building’s staggered, block pyramid form. I’m fairly new to Grasshopper so any advice would be well appreciated. Thanks!

Centraal Beheer Office Building

What I currently have

What I’m trying to emulate

Here’s a demo. (10.8 KB)

Still having trouble trying to get the form to conform to the set of lines I have as attractors. Any tips?

CentraalBeheerRepresentation.3dm (3.0 MB) (19.3 KB) (16.6 KB)