Grasshopper script for that (to make a faccade)?

Is there any way i could make that kind of faccade to a building?

Help needed :smiley:

Welcome @erik.sammel,

This is a facade? Where did you get this from? :thinking:

It’s not a facade. Its just a graphic picture right now that i created with a Processing coding.

But id like to turn that into a 3d module, (faccade for my example). Any help needed😀

Haha, I’m confused! Do you have two accounts? :yum:
Ricky = Erik? :face_with_monocle:

Is your processing sketch three-dimensional? If so, exporting the geometry to Rhino would be a step in the right direction. Or you could for instance recreate the script in Grasshopper.
Can you post the script, so I can take a look?

OK, but how would that facade look like? For instance, would you like to panel some geometry with this as sort of a module. Or is this meant to be the entire facade of the building in question?

id like to panel geometry. Or hopefully create full house based on that script, randomly created layers on top of each other.

Procressing script isnt 3 dimensional. I hope i could recreate it in grasshopepr but hasnt happend so far :smiley:

Sounds like you first need to figure out what you want.

I see! 2D isn’t much use, unless you want to print it onto rectangular panels.