How to create curved ellipsoid

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I may have a simple question, but I’m looking for the best way to create a 3d shape according to the curves in the picture and file. I can describe it best as a “curved ellipsoid”, if there is a way with Rhino 3D or in combination with Grasshopper (I’m also familiar with it). I would appreciate any suggestions.

create 3d shape.3dm (133.1 KB)

thanks in advance!

Create a straight Multipipe and then use the _Flow command. Tweak the sections before or after.

create 3d shape.3dm (114.7 KB)


Hi @robpetersnb ,

Another option, split your “boundary curves” at their intersection points, delete your interior curves and circles.

Choose all curves and run “Network Surface”

20231023_create 3d shape_Response_01b.3dm (260.6 KB)


Thanks Martin for your quick reply! looks like a good solution.

Hi Michael, Ah thanks a lot man this is exactly what I was looking for. appreciate the quick answer!

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Great, glad it helped! Cheers!