How to Create Curve Joint Between Vertical + Horizontal Plane

Hi Guys,

Noob here.

Just wondering how can we create this curve at the intersection between horizontal and vertical planes. Please note that the wall is slightly slanted and has curved at the corner.

The curved at the intersection will have to wrap around the corner for continuity.

Tried this with blend but it was unsightly cause the command create a slight fold in the joint. Fillet didn’t work either because it is one direction only so it doesn’t wrap around the corner.

Is there a way to solve this without creating a 3rd element between the planes and shape it? There must be a simpler way to this but I am not sure what.

Any help will be appreciated.Sample file.3dm (63.1 KB)

Hello - see the BlendCrv and BlendSrf commands, as well asFillet, FilletSrf and FilletEdge.


Hi Pascal, I did but didn’t work.

Hello - see the attached file for an example of FilletSrf

Sample file_PG.3dm (174.4 KB)


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Hi Pascal, that looks great!

How you’d managed?

I tried filletsrf but it doesn’t allow me to select more then one vertical surfaces in the first instance. Can you give me a step by step please?

I tried using blend and I borderline made it, except the corner looks ugly.:frowning:
Sample file.3dm (378.2 KB)

Hello - that is correct - FilletSrf takes one pair of surfaces at a time. Set Extend=No in this case.


Umm, still f![1|690x273](upload://juUX1Vw

G5a3irU521dMHnf7uXeE.jpeg) ail.

Hello - start with the top plane un-trimmed - not the L-shape.


What does that mean? My top plane is an L-shape.![1|690x282](upload://9QiszdEUbtznKXaJ8QTlSleW71


Ok, I get it.

But corner doesn’t work.

Hello - fillet the existing vertical fillet to the plane,


Ok, what am I missing here.

Should extend be yes or no

If no, I get the first one.

If yes, I get the 2nd one.

![1|690x499](upload://h tdCSeEPMaw3pzf5eGQfdy1bEjK.jpeg)

Hello - Untrim that vertical fillet - this is really not that hard. You need two surfaces that are close enough together to fit the fillet at the radius you want.

Start with this:

3X FilletSrf:

Then Trim…


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Oh Man, thank you, I got it! Geez…I didn’t even realise ‘untrim’ is a command that you asked me to do!