Corner Network Surf _ Please help

I have tried network surfacing this corner different ways, but not happy with the results.
How do you get all the surfaces tangent to each other?

You forgot to attach your file.

I don’t find the attachment button?

It’s the one with the up-arrow. You can also drag’n’drop a file here.

Hi Wim

I still don’t see it, so I’ll just attach it here.

Many Thanks


I forgot again!
Oval sweet 2.3dm (234 KB)

Part of the issue might be that your vertical red curve on the left does not intersect the base curve on the cplane.

Hi Jason - Here’s a possibly better way -

Join the curves up this way:


Loft the bottom part.

MatchSrf the bottom to the top for tangency.

Oval sweet 2_PG.3dm (189.6 KB)


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Alternately you could blend that corner:

Hi Pascal
That looks much better, thanks…
That corner where it all bunches up not 100% though
I have never used Blend, will give it a try.


I tried blending. Didn’t work. Can select first edge but doesn’t allow me to select the second.

Hello Jpj,

Double check where your curves are supposed to intersect one another, you have some open curves. Once you close those up it will blend. I should be able to put up a photo sequence shortly.

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