How to create building geometry from roadline offsets?

I’m trying to create multiple building footprints from the offset of center lines from major road ways. However, I am running into an issue with how to identify the building footprint points. Does anyone know how to create points relative to the intersection of the centerline offsets? (12.5 KB) (19.8 KB)

You need to internalize your data. See here:

Hi Amir,

I think i’ve internalized, attached. (9.1 KB)
BuildingFramework.3dm (382.1 KB)

Have a try clipper plugin. (25.2 KB)

@HS_Kim Thank you for the solutions. I took another look at this and produced something rather clunky but with a bit more information for the buildings. The only issue I’m having is to produce the length of the line building face as part of the offset. I’ve only set up as a line between two points on the offset… (58.6 KB)
BuildingFramework_edit.3dm (3.8 MB)